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National AAAA-level scenic spot

Guangyun Hall


The double eaves of Guangyun Hall rest on the top of the mountain, with green glazed tiles and colorful glazed back decorations, with flying dragons and phoenixes, lifelike and majestic.

National AAAA-Level Scenic Area

Hua Men


Hua Men faces west and represents the Chinese nation standing in the east. It was built to commemorate Emperor Yao's unification of the Huaxia and to showcase the historical roots of Chinese civilization. Therefore, Hua Men is also known as the 'Gate of Chinese Civilization'.

The Guozu Temple area consists of two major parts: the worship square and the Guozu Temple. It includes scenic spots such as the Pilgrimage Gate, the Yao Tian Feng Monument, the Heavenly Waterfall, the Twelve Zodiac Pillars, and the Clan Totem Corridor. The grandeur and magnificence of the area are awe-inspiring.

National AAAA-level Scenic Area

Guozu Temple

Yao Temple
National AAAA level scenic spot
National AAAA-level Scenic Area

Yaodu Square

Emperor Yao's Mausoleum
National AAAA-level Scenic Area
Emperor Yao's Ancient Residence

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